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Heart & Circulation

Box of 200 capsules


  • Dietary supplement

    For 250 million years, ginkgo biloba, plant memory and protective phoenix, has endured everything, suffered everything, and has survived all natural and historical disasters.

    When the Hiroshima bomb exploded in 1945, this large tree was reduced to ashes except for a tiny sprout.

    Today, that same Ginkgo is a tall tree.

    This living fossil is an exceptional witness to the evolution of the planet.

    The oldest 4000-year-old ginkgo trees are found in the deep valleys of China.

    This tree, the oldest in the world, stands out for its exceptional resistance to atmospheric pollution which has earned it the choice of town planners to decorate cities.

    The tree at 40 crowns (price paid by the first "importer" or golden foliage of this tree in autumn?) Also subscribes to the famous "theory of signatures": the design of its bilobed leaf seems to be modeled on that Traffic.

    Buddhist monks gave pride of place to this sacred tree of long life for their secret preparations.

    Science has not yet exhausted all the virtues of this legendary tree. It contributes to good memory and circulation.

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