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(Cupressus sempervirens)

  • Origin: Morocco / Spain
  • Plant part: twigs
  • Extraction: distillation
  • Chemotype: α-pinene, ∆3-carene, cedrol


A leg massage with a cypress-based oil promotes circulation and ideally relieves heaviness in the legs.


8,90 €Price
  • Cutaneous route: Massage, bath: 2 to 5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable oil.

    Diffusion: 5 to 10 drops depending on your preference or the size of the chamber.

    Heavy legs massage oil

    Cypress 2 gtts
    Juniper 1 gtt
    Rosemary 1 gtt
    Pepper mint 1 gtt

    To be diluted in 10 ml (= 1 spoon) of vegetable oil of your choice.


    10 ml

    • External use
    • Naturally contains linalool, d-limonene.
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