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(Cannabis sativa)

  • Regenerating - protective  
  • Coarse, itchy, or oily skin
  • 100 ml


Physalis organic hemp oil  is a dry oil, olive green in color, extracted from hemp seeds and exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids, more particularly in linoleic acid and  alpha-linolenic (ω6 and ω3) in the ideal ratio of 3 to 1.

Regenerating and firming, it is particularly indicated for the care of rough, irritated or flaking skin as well as oily skin. Hemp oil is an ideal basic ingredient in skin and facial care products, as it quickly penetrates into the epidermis and exerts a protective action there.



9,50 €Price
  • As a massage or treatment oil for the body and the face.

    Pure or with Physalis essential oils.

    • Store in a cool place!
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