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500 ml bottle

Colloidal silver

The properties of the metal silver have been known since ancient times.

Greeks, Persians and Romans used silver containers to transport and store various liquids (water, wine, vinegar ...) intended for rulers, nobles and privileged people.

Silver coins were placed at the bottom of vessels containing milk or food to preserve freshness.

Like NASA, the Russians use colloidal silver to sterilize the water of their cosmonauts aboard their space shuttles

With more than 125,000 websites where it is mentioned, colloidal silver is undoubtedly one of the current successes in health products because it is one of the great “cleansers”.

This is why people who know this precious metal use it for skin and personal hygiene problems.



Daily contributions

colloidal silver

20 ppm


Usage tips :

1 to 3 caps per day

Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Cannot replace a varied and balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. For your health, avoid eating too fat, too sweet, too salty.


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