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  • Contributes to female balance
  • Promotes the  (pre) menstrual comfort
  • 100% pure and natural
  • 100 ml


  • Description

    Plant-based food supplement 

    Physalis Alchemilla vulgaris organic plant drops  are beneficial for female balance and comfort during the (pre) menstrual period, which is difficult for many women. They experience irritability and discomfort every month, which the flowering tops of Lady's mantle come to relieve.

    Physalis hydro-alcoholic extracts come exclusively from fresh plants from organic farming. Pure and concentrated source of active ingredients, they do not contain added substances.

    • 3 x 20 - 30 drops per day.  To be taken with a little water or fruit juice.
    • Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
    • Store in a cool (max. 25 ° C), dry place and protected from light.
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