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  • 100 µg / 60 capsule 
  • Blood sugar / Slimming
  • The best form of chrome

Pure chromium picolinate

  • Chromium picolinate is a particular form of chromium which is probably the most scientifically documented. Chromium is an essential trace element for the proper functioning of the body.

    It is necessary for the use of fatty acids, proteins but also carbohydrates.

    Indeed, chromium is the main mineral involved in the secretion of insulin.

    Several properties are clinically validated. Among its health benefits, it contributes:

    • maintaining normal blood sugar levels;
    • to normal macronutrient metabolism.



    Chromium cannot be assimilated in its own form, it must therefore be linked (chelated) to a molecule. Among the different forms of chromium, we have chosen chromium picolinate because it is not only the most documented, but also the safest form for health.

    We offer you a certified chromium picolinate greater than 99% pure, in compliance with the pharmacopoeia standards in force in Europe (EP) and American (USP).

    Exceptionally , as we must have here exactly 100µg of trivalent chromium (chromium III) per capsule, so that the capsule is not almost empty, we simply added a very low dose (130mg) of acacia fiber from biological sources per capsule .

    The vegetable capsule is based on tapioca (pullulan). We guarantee that there is therefore no additive in any synthetic excipent in this food supplement.


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