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  • 375 mg / 60 capsules
  • Antioxidants - Anti-aging / Urinary health - prostate
  • 50% polyphenols - 30% punicalagin


Organic pomegranate

  • 6 fresh organic pomegranates in a capsule

    Formerly called the fruit of the gods, find the benefits of six organic pomegranates concentrated in one and the same capsule.

    Our organic pomegranate is obtained by a patented extraction process, made only with ultra pure water (without organic solvent). The extract obtained contains the complete phenolic profile of the fresh fruit of the pomegranate, in much more concentrated, that is to say in ellagitannins: Punicalagin and punicalin.


    Punicalagin is the main polyphenol found in fresh, unaltered pomegranate. Unlike the extracts that are generally found on the market, our organic pomegranate has not been extracted from dehydrated pomegranate peel, which breaks down punicalagin into ellagic acid, which has no health benefit. . Our product contains a lot of punicalagin and very little ellagic acid.

    Indeed, we offer you the only extract with such a high value in active ingredients: more than 50% in polyphenols, and more than 30% in punicalagin (the polyphenol found only in fresh unaltered pomegranate).

    This concentration and the freshness of the extract are checked by HPLC (high precision test). Each capsule provides 375mg of pure organic pomegranate extract, or more than 200mg of polyphenols, including more than 120mg of punicalagin.

    In other words, a single capsule allows to obtain the equivalent of 6 fresh organic pomegranates (~ 1kg) or 350ml of pressed juice (unpasteurized, because this process destroys its phenolic profile)

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