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Detox - Digestion / Slimming

400 mg - 90 capsules

Concentrated in 60% hydroxycitrate (AHC)

From the Clusiaceae family, the fruit of organic Garcinia cambogia is traditionally used to help with weight control, helps reduce the feeling of hunger and appetite, helps maintain a normal level of sugars and fats in the blood. These properties are of particular interest in addition to a slimming diet.

Garcinia Cambogia Organic


    The active ingredient in the organic Garcinia cambogia fruit is hydroxycitrate, also called hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

    This is why we have chosen the highest possible concentration of this active principle: an extract standardized to more than 60% in hydroxycitrate.

    This high titration guarantees optimum efficiency.

    The extraction process is 100% aqueous and therefore guaranteed solvent-free. It is indeed an extract soluble in water and therefore easy to digest. Only the fruit was used to produce this dry extract. The concentration of hydroxycitrate indeed resides in his skin.

    This organic garcinia extract is a 100% certified product from organic farming (FR-BIO-10).

    Each capsule contains 400mg of pure organic Garcinia cambogia fruit dry extract and standardized in hydroxycitrate.

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