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Box of 200 capsules.

Dietary supplement

For several decades, the consumption of sugar has increased.

But today, we know that glucose, our energy source, consumed in too much quantity becomes harmful.

In order to avoid the accumulation of this surplus of sugar in our body, we can act thanks to this duo of Concept plants by rebalancing our sugar level and by compensating for the insufficiency of pancreatic function.

The Banaba

  • Banaba, better known as Lagerstroemia or Indian Lilac, is a flowering tree native to the Philippines and India.
  • Rich in vitamins, dietary fibers and minerals including zinc and magnesium, Banaba is traditionally used around the world.
  • Researchers found corosolic acid there, an active ingredient that helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Bitter Melon

  • Known in India as Karela or Momordica, it is a perennial climbing plant that is characterized by elongated and warty green fruits (reminiscent of cucumber).
  • This fruit contains a large number of nutrients and micronutrients including bitter principles, proteins, enzymes and saponins.
  • Bitter melon, due to its composition, thus helps to regulate carbohydrate metabolism.



Daily Contributions

Nutritional Reference Value

Banaba extract

1200 mg

Bitter melon extract

180 mg

Usage tips :

1 to 2 capsules morning, noon and evening.

Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Cannot replace a varied and balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. For your health, avoid eating too fat, too sweet, too salty.


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