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Purified extract of Berberis aistata - 60 capsules

Cholesterol - Glycemia - Slimming


Essentially recognized for its regulatory function on blood sugar levels, find all the benefits of berberine in its purest form on the market 


Pure berberine

  • Berberine (extracted from the root of the Berberis aristata plant) is an alkaloid, a molecule found naturally in some plants.

    Men have used it traditionally for millennia in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. This molecule is valuable as part of an adapted diet.

    Indeed, among its benefits, it mainly helps to control the level of glucose in the blood. Its field of action is particularly wide and varied. It maintains a normal level of cholesterol and also supports the good health of the liver and its various disorders.

    THE BENEFITS OF OUR PURE BERBERINE Our Dynveo® pure berberine is standardized and controlled at over 98%, in a stable form. It is nothing more or less the highest grade of berberine on the market. It is pure and also without additives / excipients.

    Our berberine contains nothing other than pure berberine in the vegetable capsule. No calcium-rich extracts or other hidden additives have been added to it. For maximum efficiency, our Dynveo pure berberine is extracted and purified over 98% from Berberis aristata, only through "Green" processes called "Green Extraction".

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